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Hi, I am Qasim.

Web Dev | Azure | Vim | learning svenska | Ex Army

Hire me to make it easy + simple + to the point.
A "car showroom website" should bring customers closer to the showroom. A "baking place" should give more orders. A course should help students. Anything "online" - should help people find value.
Long un-necessary marketing pages from existing online templates that look WoW - can be not a requirement for your business. Your place needs orders, order management, delivery, refund, pricing, and easy stocking. Easy to use but tough to make.

Meetup every month

Place to book tickets, arrange events, connect with people, and create together.

Ticket Booking System

Raise funds - help!

A place to raise funds for your community, build a school or join a cause.

Fund Raising System

Healing Sciences

Go live with your healing sessions, presentations, play cards, courses, and causes with this 3x languages website.

Healing Promotion Website

My Services

We make small modules that scale higher.


Attractive Logo Design + Business Card + Flyers + Social Media Campaigns that can be printing and placed on table or marketed online

Web Desing

Custom Built Web Design crafted specifically to meet the exact need of the business. Building it from scratch to keep things in focus

Product Shoot

A picture is worth a 1000 words. It includes the model, lighting at the right spot, mood of the day, extra ordinary post processing that is worth 1000 words.


100 % Genuine research based content creation. No plagiarism, No copied image, No 2nd hand contribution. Great Content that ranks higher on Google.


Back end, asynchronous, time intensive tasks, can be automated through a small chunk of computer in cloud. Put something of yours on my Cloud Computer that triggers at the right time. Custom Built !


I am open to your ideas, solutions, quick implementation with maximum profits - something that excites you. I am open to listening and walking the excitement with you. <3

My Work

Web Apps — Web Design — Meetups — Marketing

Looking for a productive hour?

Mostly the clients are stuck at a solution that is boring and heavy. We sit in a sprint session, and deliver the result in the minimum possible time. It is fun and more useful. No losses.

Work Process

We get in touch - plan - think it through - and daily sprint to a solution that is useful. Many call it SCRUM approach.

1. Disscuss

2. Make

3. Product

Why choose me?

01. I am strongly invested.
Let's say you are few months into your project, lose interest. I can push you to move the wheel a little bit everyday. Like someone standing over you to guide your brand forward.
02. I am very responsible.
I can help us be more responsible. Less clutter, more value, no wastage, and high throughput. Like it should not waste someone's time.
03. I am super friendly.
You can trust me. I am super wierd - low hanging - you can talk to me with out fearing some kind of judgement. We can talk hours and not get bored. Believe me its fun.
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I am available for your project.

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+46 720 317 632
Bergkällavägen 84, Stockholm
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